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We at CapMac are always pushing boundaries to recreate the food truck experience. Our passions lay with people and food. Partnering with our surrounding community, Executive Chef Josh Warner sources as many of our ingredients locally as possible; supporting other small businesses, ultimately going above and beyond just providing the best dining experience a food truck can offer.

As the seasons change, our menu evolves, taking advantage of what our local farms have to offer. We are obsessed with creating new special food offerings that are internationally influenced and showcase local produce.

We aren't just pasta, we are comfort food redefined.




What our Customers are Saying

"Josh gives me life in the form of macaroni and cheese."
"This was the best food truck in DC."

"I Love CapMac. It's so addictive."
"Wow! Chef is amazing, food is amazing and they actually have great customer service. How rare is that these days!"

The CapMac Team

The Friendliest People

Josh Warner

Executive Chef/Owner

Kirk & Margie Warner

Owner/Operator & CEO

With twenty-three years of business behind us, we love serving the public! We are foodies at heart, and find pleasure from making people happy through food and relationship!

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Our Menu

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CapMac Menuboard

  1. IMG_9267

    Classic CapMac’n Cheese

    $ 8.00

    Cheddar, Pimento, Pasta, Cheez-Itz Crumble –
    Add Housemade Chicken Meatballs + $3.

  2. IMG_9492

    Marco Bolo

    $ 10.00

    Cavatopi Pasta, Beef Brisket Meatsauce, Red Wine,
    Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs, Cream, Parmesan.

  3. Marco-Bolo-1920x1000

    Buffalo Mac

    $ 12.00

    The Classic, topped with Housemade Chicken Meatballs,
    Housemade Buffalo Sauce, Gorgonzola Cheese and Panko.

  4. Chicken Parm

    $ 11.00

    Elbow Pasta, Tomato Sugo, Housemade Chicken Meatballs,
    Fontina Cheese Sauce.

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