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In 2013, Executive Chef and Co-Owner Josh Warner, in partnership with his parents Margie and Kirk, saw an opportunity to recreate “your average food truck” experience.  At Capmac, our passions lie with people, hospitality, and food, thus pushing us to create  high standards in everything that we do. We are proud to be family owned and operated, as well as  partner with our surrounding community to source as many organically grown ingredients as possible.  All of our meats are humanely raised and sourced locally by farmers who do not use antibiotics. We butcher our own meats, cook our sauces from scratch, and make each and every item on our menus by hand. As the seasons change, our menu evolves, allowing us to take advantage of what our local farms have to offer.

We exist to bring you a unique dining experience from a platform of four wheels.

With a vision to move towards brick and mortar restaurants,  our team strives to push boundaries, taking into consideration all possibilities. While attention to detail, quality, and hospitality are taken very seriously, we also love to have fun. International flavors, cooking techniques, and even molecular gastronomy influence how and what we cook.  We never stop learning and are inviting you to learn and savor with us.

We aren't just pasta, we are comfort food redefined.

The Capmac Team




We strive to source fresh, organic produce and humanely raised meats from a range of local farms based in MD, VA, PA, DE, NC, and NJ. As our menu continues to evolve, so does our list of farming partners. We are excited to see this list grow and to continue to support local businesses. #sourcelocal #eatlocal #capmacdc

Creekstone Farms - KS
Allen Farms - DE
Fox Hollow Farm - MD
Cherry Glen - MD
Cabot Creamery - VT
Kreider Farms - PA
Vermont Creamery - VT
Cloverland Dairy - MD
Fifer Orchards - DE
Baklava Couture - MD
Heritage Farms - NC
Kirby Farms - VA
Baywater Greens - MD
Joe Jurgielewicz & Son Duck -PA
Miller Farms- MD

The CapMac Team

The Friendliest People

Josh Warner

Executive Chef/Owner

Kirk & Margie Warner

Owner/Operator & CEO

We also do catering CLICK HERE to find out more.

Our Menu

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Pastas & Salads

  1. PA Duck Salad

    $ 11.00

    Local greens, confit duck, whipped squash, currant, sweet and sour apple dressing

  2. Fall Pasta

    $ 12.50

    Delicata squash creme, dried currant, charred local broccoli,wilted greens,crispy brussel sprout leaves, smoked gouda

  3. PA Duck Pasta

    $ 14.00

    Confit local duck, whipped delicata squash, braised local greens, apple gastrique, shaved gouda (can be made dairy-free)

  4. CapMac Bolognese

    $ 11.00

    Creekstone Farm ground beef, root vegetables, cabernet sauvignon, fresh cream, parmesan

  5. Buffalo Mac (Can be vegetarian)

    $ 12.00

    Aged cheddars, house made hot sauce, chicken meatballs, garlic-herb panko crumb, gorgonzola

  6. Classic CapMac’n Cheese

    $ 8.00

    60 day Aged white cheddar, Cheez-It crumble, chives

  7. Quinoa & Local Kale Salad

    $ 11.00

    local greens, roasted delicata squash, currants, fresh anjou pear,toasted pumpkin seeds,walnut crumb, cider vinaigrette


  1. Confit Local Duck

    $ 5.00

  2. Allen Farm Chicken Meatballs

    $ 3.50

  3. Creekstone Farm Bolognese

    $ 3.00


  1. Pumpkin Spice Mousse

    $ 4.50

    Fresh pumpkin,marscapone, gingerbread crumb, walnut dust,

  2. Local Apple & Pear Cobbler

    $ 5.00

    apple- pear compote, ginger spiced streusel, passionfruit caramel

Assorted Sodas and House Made Libations

  1. Maine Root Craft Sodas

    $ 2.50

    – Ginger Brew
    – Root Beer

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