About CapMac

This Is Who We Are, Now…

In 2013, as an Executive Chef, I, Josh Warner, in partnership with my parents Kirk and Margie, jumped at the opportunity to take ownership of CapMac. Our vision of fusing hospitality and gastronomy has led to an evolved food truck experience, the launch of a delectable festival tent, and our newest concept- a unique catering and event company.

With our dream to move towards a brick and mortar restaurant always driving us, our team strives to push boundaries, taking into consideration all possibilities. While attention to detail, quality, and hospitality are taken very seriously, we also love to have fun. Worldly flavors, diverse cooking techniques, and local ingredients influence how and what we cook.

Our meats are humanely raised, butchered in house, and sourced locally by farmers who do not use antibiotics. We cook our sauces from scratch, and make each and every item on our menus by hand. As the seasons change, our menus evolve, allowing us to take full advantage of what our local farms have to offer.

We never stop learning and would love to invite you to learn and savor with us.

The CapMac Team

Our Team

Josh Warner
Executive Chef/Owner

Kirk & Margie Warner
Owner/Operator & CEO