The Tent

In the summer of 2016, we launched our first tent, with a vision to elevate fair and festival food. While corn dogs and fried oreos are never a bad thing, you can only eat so many of them. Our team wanted to offer a gastronomical experience that goes beyond the walls of traditional carnival fare and offer a menu that is both unique and wholesome. When creating our menu, leaving the fun out, was not an option. Local summer corn, fresh fruits transformed, and scratch made mac’n cheese are a few of the things that we put on our menu. With fresh ingredients and careful preparations, CapMac at the Fair, is truly carnival food you can feel good about indulging in.

Stay tuned for the spring and summer menus.

Our 2017 schedule will be posted soon!

We are humbled and excited to have had the opportunity to be featured on The Cooking Channel’s hit show Carnival Eats in their 4th season! Our episode will air sometime in April this year! We will keep you informed of any updates.